School is Cool – 2016


The 8th December 2015 marked the start of Centriq’s stationary drive. The drive was aimed at helping children weren’t in a position to afford such goodies like a box of crayons, pencils, pens, shoes, a school bag, glue, eraser, scissors – anything that a child would need to make his or her day at school cool. Why did we decide to run this drive? Well, we are ‘growing our little seeds into wonderful beautiful flowers’. By giving children a step up in creating the perfect first day of school, we’re giving them hope towards their future. The stationery collected would be given to an NPO in need of giving their children the love, care and start in life they deserve.
Karabo Rasebopye from Nautical Underwriting Managers has been involved with starting up an NPO called Ponelopele Youth Forum (PYF), of which he donates his time to coaching and supporting their youth. Centriq’s CSI Committee heard about his efforts and approached him to find out how we can support the NPO and found that being the beginning of the school year, stationery was very much in need. On the 26th February 2016, Karabo and his PYF Team went to Pankop in Hammanskraal visiting two primary schools in their village: Mocha Primary School and Masobye Primary School. Karabo and his team handed over the stationery in a creative and fun way: by asking each child a question about South Africa, its fauna and flora. At the end of the school day, the children didn’t just walk away with a prize, but big smiles on their faces too.

Together with Karabo, Ponelopele Youth Forum, we were able to put a smile on each child’s face.. What an unforgettable day!

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