A cell captive – a ‘virtual insurance company’ – is owned and controlled jointly by the client(s) and the cell captive insurer. It is a contractual relationship formed by the insurer issuing a separate class of preference shares, coupled with an agreement.

The agreement

The agreement sets out the rights and obligations of the preference shareholder (the cell owner) and the insurer. It also governs the arrangements in respect of the insurance business transacted, counts, and access to information. This structure can be utilised by any corporate to underwrite its own risks, but is usually best suited to a group of companies, or a joint venture.


Defined as a third party cell captive arrangement where insurance business is ancillary to the primary business activity of the cell owner.


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The first party cell captive as a risk management technique

The first party cell captive as a risk management technique

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An exciting time for UMAs

An exciting time for UMAs

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Stretching the limbs of the cell captive

Stretching the limbs of the cell captive

The concept of a first party cell captive is not new, but over the years it has proven to be highly resilient as a risk management tool, regardless of fluctuations in market conditions. The Covid-19 pandemic has in many ways tempered, and probably prolonged, an...