Defined as a third party cell captive arrangement where insurance business is ancillary to the primary business activity of the cell owner.

While we’re not rendering the definition of insurance moot, we are doing what we always do – daring to see things not simply as they are but how they could be. Sure, many Affinity groups offer ‘value-add’ products but we are focused on going one step further to not just encourage innovative insurance but champion it, to meet the needs of your customers by giving you the ability to create your own products to suit the needs of your market.


The success of Alternative Distribution hinges on our ability to get to know the client from every aspect of their business. We understand that insurance is ancillary in the eyes of the policy holder – the policyholder sees the brand, and not the insurance product – which is why it is so important to highlight the fact that we are not pushing a product, we are promising a partnership.

  • We engage with our clients on a regular basis to get an in-depth understanding of their business – from the inner workings and day-to-day running, to their challenges in the present and vision for the future.
  • We commit ourselves to a process of walking the journey with our clients, ensuring that – every step of the way – the policyholder is treated fairly .
  • We guide our clients, providing a comprehensive understanding of the insurance environment that equips you to do the right thing in the eyes of the FSB
  • We build trust-based relationships with the individuals most invested in a business’s success (CEOs, CFOs, Business Development Managers)


Simply put, anyone wanting to provide a ‘value-add offering’ to a group of people. That’s the target market for this innovative insurance solution – diverse and widespread, from retail groups to funeral and church schemes, from union representation to employee groups.


When you explore this solution, you don’t go it alone. When partnering with you, we offer a poised approach to cell captive structuring, regulatory and compliance guidance, partnership strategies and underwriting capabilities which are unpinned by four key values – reassurance, guidance, mentorship and brand capability.When you partner with us you experience the benefits of not only an established brand and a reputable track record but of a long-term financial partnership, characterised by:

  • Financial stability and security
  • In-house underwriting and cell captive expertise
  • Superior customer service and an unwavering work ethic
  • Specialised Insurance structuring skills
  • Regulatory and compliance support
  • Customised alternative distribution methodologies


We understand entrepreneurs, which is why we work with you to create and embrace opportunities to build your business.

– Myure Sooknunan, Alternative Distribution Head