Preschoolers give some love


How do you teach a child what the purest form of love looks like? Perhaps taking them to an animal shelter is a good start.

And that is exactly what the animals lovers of Centriq Insurance Company Limited did with their We’re For Pets campaign. Centriq put its best paw … errr … foot forward by helping both the ‘furry community’ and a group of young children to experience the love of animals. Prenashen Chetty, Office Administrator for Centriq, working in collaboration with Robyn Wienand, founder and CEO of Preschools 4 Africa and her team, organised a morning for the Grade Rs of Rainbow City Preschool to visit the 9th Day Animal Shelter in Krugersdorp.

Play-with-a-Purpose, trading as Preschools 4 Africa, is an early childhood development non-profit organisation and programme geared towards children’s early educational development and has teachers who play a significant role in enhancing their development. Supporting this cause, Centriq fulfills not one but two critical objectives: supporting an early childhood development programme, with the ability to measure the outcomes of the programme.

Choosing the 9th Day Animal Shelter to visit gave the Grade Rs the opportunity to experience what it takes to care for a pet as well as to learn that you can always give back to those less fortunate than yourself, in this case helping abandoned pets. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Charmaine and her team who took the children and the adults on a very informative educational tour of the premises and the organisation.

Together, Centriq staff and Preschools 4 Africa collected much-needed blankets, cushions, dog and cat food, cat litter, pet toys and doggy baskets. These are but a small drop in the ocean of what the shelter needs – nonetheless, every little bit makes a huge difference.

“Preschoolers give some love”

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