Gauteng Women in Insurance


Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII), hosted an event at the Hyatt in Rosebank, with the theme ‘Ideas like shoes’.

Sponsored by JLT and Zurich Insurance Company South Africa, GWII members were treated to a breakfast in round table style whilst engaging their bodies and minds in a discussion by guest speakers Tselane Halata, head of Liabilities, at Zurich Insurance Company South Africa and Debra Langley, a certified pharmacist and author of ‘Ideas Like Shoes Takes You Places.’

The theme was based on the fact that shoes communicate at least something about your personality but that is not to say you should judge a book by its cover. Halata said that it is not about the shoes. “It’s about knowing where you’re going”. Langley, on the other hand, explored the field of innovation and creative thinking and reinforced the idea that anyone can be creative.

An act of kindness

GWII members kindly made donations which included cash donations for SADAG and also a whole lot cat and dog food donations, including warm blankets to keep the animals warm during these cold wintery months.

The GWII committee was able to donate the food and blankets to Friends of Rescued Animals (FOR A), the SPCA Roodepoort and Dogtown SA. A cash donation was also made to Friends of the Cat.

Grateful and forever thankful, these charities accepted these donations with open arms. Once again – THANK YOU for your kind donations and for assisting our furry friends. And a big thank you to Insure Group for the generous donation of R3000 for the charity.

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