Play with a Purpose


Through its long-established partnership with Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust, Centriq is making a fundamental difference. Trading as Preschools 4 Africa, Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust is a non-profit organisation with over 20 years’ experience in Community Development and Early Childhood Development.

“We can and will change South Africa – one child, one school, one community at a time.”

Born out of CEO and Founder Robyn Wienand’s dream of providing quality, comprehensive school teacher training and mentoring to create a standard of equality in education across the board, Play-with-a-Purpose actively plays a committed part in giving the children of our nation opportunity for a brighter future.

“Why did we choose this CSI initiative? Because effective intervention in the Early Childhood Development space is a critical point of positive impact in communities.”
Through its partnership with Play-with-a-Purpose, Centriq is not only able to measure the effectiveness of its contribution to non-profit’s teacher-child programme, but has been able to create a special sense of community as result of staff involvement.

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