Play with a Purpose’ Teacher’s Graduation – 2011


Friday, the 18th November 2011 crowned a day of celebration! The nervous excitement mounted in the Monash University auditorium as the graduate teachers of the Play with a Purpose Teaching Programme took their places.

Some time ago, Robyn Wienand, teacher and founder of Play with a Purpose took on a mammoth task of training and coaching teachers in the Education Africa’s Teachers programme. Today, through much dedication, determination and sometimes a few tears… these amazing teachers revered in their communities graduated with flying colours!

Being the third graduation Centriq has observed; the graduate teachers have come a long way, each of them contributing significantly to the research and development for the groups of eager educators still to come. With gratitude to Centriq, many of these teachers now have the skills to educate and care for children in their communities, with further potential in to develop their expertise for long term.

As each teacher received her certificate of graduation, one could almost hear the heart-felt sigh of relief, a year of hard work and commitment had finally come to fruition. As the ceremony came to a close, songs of cheer and joy rung through the hallways as we made our way up to the Hot Spot for a delectable three-course lunch. The auspicious occasion was rounded off with a winner being chosen by none other than the Centriq Babes (Angela, Hilda, Natasha, Morgan, Subashini, Loretta, Debbie and Caryn) for the most creatively decorated table! HEAR! HEAR!

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