Mandela Day’s success – 2012


Who would have thought that Thembelilhe and 17 Centriqists would have had so much fun playing soccer, painting hands, cutting ‘n pasting funky goodies, eating pizza and blowing out candles on scrumptious birthday cake… all in the name of a man who dedicated 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity…none other than Mr Nelson Mandela!!

The morning began with a ‘Nthabi-flavoured’ warm up session before a wee friendly of soccer. Lebo, Janine, Memory and Terina lead the mini-soccer squads with gusto…there was much shouting from the players and spectators alike, not to mention the lung power of the Vuvuzela girls, Hilda, Val…and Caryn who still needs lessons (it’s about blowing, not spitting haha!)

The kids swopped their sports hats for creative ones… painting, cutting ‘n pasting until their master pieces were complete with the aid of Amina, Michelle F, Elaine, Mark, Subashini.

After all that hard work, the kids were treated to a Centriq-inspired ‘Three little pigs’ puppet show. Robin, the English narrator and Nthabi, the Zulu translator begun the tale, followed by the actors Hilda, the straw-house piggy; Farhana, the stick-house piggy; Yurika the brick-house piggy; and ended with Subashini the beeeg bad wolf getting stuck in the chimney – clearly ‘huffing ‘n puffing doesn’t cut it Mr Wolf!! LOL!! The kids loved it.

A fun day wouldn’t be a fun day without fun food! Pizza and fruit juice on the menu…and for dessert… a chocolate birthday cake with magic candles- ooOOoh!!.

Thanks to Morgan’s motivational application on behalf of Education Africa, Santam’s Mandela Day Initiative awarded Centriq with R5000 to put towards Creative Resource Tools – part of which made for a very successful and fun Mandela Day at Thembelilhe!

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