Mandela Day – 2015


On the 24th July 2015 the children of Ethandweni Preschool were in for quite a surprise. Centriq – in partnership with Play-with-a-Purpose – chose to spend more than just the 67 minutes and spent the entire day at Ethandweni Preschool in Cosmo City in honour of Mandela day. Staff members from Centriq were plied with paint brushes, rollers and lots of colourful paint; as well as gardening tools, instant lawn and plants.
Centriqists refreshed the two classrooms and kitchen with a new coat of paint, repainted the boundary wall, jungle gym and playground tyres with colourful paint; planted veggie seedlings and created a pathway to walk on. Whilst the makeover was in progress, a few of the Centriqists took the pre-schoolers to the nearest play park where the kiddies played on slides, had fun playing the mini games and drawing in the colouring corner.
The hard work and fun was then rewarded with an amazing lunch of boerie rolls and refreshments. With tummies full, the pre-schoolers listened to a bed-time story before drifting off for their afternoon nap. The quite time was filled with the preschools library undergoing a mini-makeover; books repaired and relabelled.

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