67 Minutes of Joy – 2014


Mandela Day was anticipated with much excitement – the children of Ethandweni Preschool were in for quite a surprise – two bus-loads of Centriqists equipped with paint brushes, rollers and paint; gardening tools, instant lawn, veggie seedlings and plants; a braai and yummy boerie rolls.
Whilst Centriqists donned their overalls and begun the makeover, the pre-schoolers were treated to a well-narrated puppet show called “Don’t talk to Strangers” about a little girl called Pikinini living with her Gogo.
Centriqists enthusiastically ploughed the ground, laid instant lawn, planted the veggie seedlings and shrubs; painted the boundary wall, recoated the jungle gym and playground tyres with vibrant paints, and refreshed the classrooms and kitchen with a new coat of paint, all to the tunes of a ghetto blaster playing in the background.
This amount of physical work was rewarded with a decadent lunch of boerie rolls and refreshments. Tummies full, the pre-schoolers listened to a bed-time story before drifting off for their afternoon nap. The quite time was filled with the preschools library undergoing a mini-makeover; books repaired, relabelled and ready for story-time.

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