“Risk remains the one thing that is constant in the world. Here at Centriq we provide you with solutions as to how to best manage this risk for the benefit of your organisation. Whether your risks are conventional, uninsured or viewed as too expensive to insure, we will tailor-make a product that will attend to your organisations long term risk retention strategy and protect your Balance Sheet from volatility.”





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Volatile cash flow exposure due to severe claims and ever increasing conventional market premiums make the discussion within the Financial Managers area one of discomfort come budgeting time in any organisation. The role of our team is to critically assess your risk portfolio and the issues that create sleepless nights and form a sustainable long term strategy in conjunction with yourselves to ensure your Balance Sheet and Assets are protected from volatility.

How do we provide Solutions?
  • By listening to you -the client and asking questions.
  • By understanding your industry, the business risks that you are faced with daily.
  • Taking that understanding, your financial constraints and presenting various recommendations in a non-complex manner.
  • We understand insurance products and risk – that is our area of expertise.
Considering Centriq?

A typical Risk Finance client would;

  • Require budgeting certainty;
  • Have an appetite for and the ability to finance risk;
  • Have a prudent risk management programme focusing on loss control in place;
  • Could be exposed to a traditionally uninsurable or difficult to insure portfolio;
  • Choose high deductibles on conventional insurance to ensure lower pay away premium and thereby placed into a better bargaining position with reinsurers;
  • Be in the capacity building and risk retention strategy set for the long term.
How is this achieved?

Our structured risk finance products are housed in a Cell Captive, Contingency or Finite Risk policy. We provide relevant products that are fairly priced and uphold an agreed service standard with our clients.

We deliver:
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Insurance speciality and expertise
  • Actuarial expertise
  • Legal & Governance framework and relevant updates within the legislative environment.
  • Investment return and accounting expertise
Examples of Non-Conventional Products:
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Product Contamination
  • Credit risks
  • Bad debts
  • Damage resulting from strikes
  • Financial losses

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