Affinity Solutions

“We understand entrepreneurs; we work with you to create and embrace opportunities to build your business.”

Myure Sooknunan



At Centriq we build sustainable partnerships, we align our activities with our partners’ business strategies and tailor our insurance propositions to their requirements.

Our unique and flexible operating structure delivers competitive solutions with access to our Long Term and Short Term insurance licenses, with cell captive capability. This means that our partners benefit from the best solution for their needs.

We recognise that consumers differ in their choice of channel, our multi-channel distribution capability allows our partners to deliver insurance solutions in the in the manner that they prefer.

Our success to date is attributable to the strength of our partners’ distribution channels combined with our flexible insurance solutions.

Our solutions are achieved through open communication with partners that help us to understand and address their customers needs and customise insurance solutions for the target market.


  • Existing infrastructure
  • Reputable track record, financial stability, security, and established brand
  • In-house underwriting and cell captive expertise
  • Superior customer service and overall work ethic
  • Specialised Insurance ┬ástructuring skills
  • Regulatory and Compliance Support
  • Customised alternative distribution methodologies
  • Excellent cross-selling opportunities
  • Long Term Financial Partnership